Paolo Palamara

Paolo Palamara is the founder and Co-President of Diamante Development Corporation, a real estate development company and general contractor in Ontario.  Mr. Palamara has studied Technology and Science of Construction in Pescara, Italy, and at the Faculty of Architecture in Pescara, Italy.

He has been self-employed in the construction industry for over 25 years as a contractor providing structural formwork for over 150 commercial and institutional projects in Canada, California, and Taiwan. As a real estate developer and builder, Mr. Palamara has completed a multitude of high rise condominium towers from land acquisition to design, rezoning, marketing and construction. Diamante Development is well recognized in the construction industry as a leader and innovator of new systems of construction and material implementation, as well as being known for providing unique client services in terms of customizing suite layouts and providing custom finishes. 

Mr. Palamara has actively served on numerous industry related and non-industry related Board of Directors. He has served for 5 years on the Italian Canadian Chamber of Commerce as Vice President, and is the President and Managing Director of the Canadian Chapter of AVSI, a non-governmental, non-profit Italian organization providing aid to 34 countries worldwide.